The One-Stop Source for Hospital Financial Data

Hospital cost data, now made accessible, meaningful, and actionable

Looking for an easier way to use existing publicly available data? Our Data as a Service (DaaS) tool processes these raw data and creates easy-to-use data sets with clear documentation and key financial indicators.

RAND researchers developed software and methods for processing Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) cost report data. In 2017, RAND made this processed data available to analysts, executives, and researchers. Our goal is to foster analysis and insights into trends in the hospital sector. Learn more about DaaS.


In the course of policy analysis, RAND established procedures for enhancing raw CMS data to support more accurate and precise analysis and decisionmaking.

Key Indicators

We calculate and report key financial metrics, such as operating margins and current ratios.

Meaningful Documentation

Each variable is labeled and documented, and we report the exact formulas used to calculate each of our indicators.

Standardized Time Periods

Interested in calendar years? Federal fiscal years? Data are processed to represent standardized time periods.

Data Errors, Detected and Corrected

Hospitals sometimes submit data that are clearly erroneous. We apply an automated error detection and correction algorithm. If you want the uncorrected data, you can download that too.

Multiple Reporting Levels

Interested in a specific hospital? Metropolitan area? State? The whole nation? Data are summarized at each of these levels, so you can easily track and compare your desired data sets.